Digital Campaigns that Drive Performance

At Path Interactive, we build holistic, integrated campaigns that utilize the mix of services that’s right for each client. With deep expertise in PPC management, SEO, social media and display advertising, we rely on the entire range of digital marketing tactics to drive performance — whether the goal is prospecting for leads, amplifying your brand’s reach and message, or nurturing existing customers and driving them to convert.

Paid Search

An early leader in the field, Path has over 10 years of experience in paid search & PPC management services, with over $100 million dollars in media under our management. As the core focus of our agency, we know paid search inside out, and we know the strategies that consistently deliver eye-popping ROI. Effective PPC needs to be, first and foremost, effective marketing. This means that we take the time to really understand your business: your goals, your opportunities, your limitations—and especially, your customers. Then we craft campaigns that drive the kind of performance that matters most to your business and go beyond the first click to get true ROI.

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At Path, we develop SEO programs that?maximize your visibility. Our campaigns stand out from the crowd through savvy content development and strategic link-building efforts. We?leverage insights?from paid search partners (including our own colleagues)?to develop data-driven organic search strategies,?but we know that only actionable SEO plans actually deliver results. That’s why we also maintain close communication with our clients’ extended network of partners, to keep everyone working together towards the goal of maximum web visibility.

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Display & Digital Media

Developing visually-arresting, on-message display ads is one thing, but making sure they target the right audience, in the right way, at precisely the right time is another. We use digital media to build brand awareness and prospect for new customers, but also nurture high intent visits through remarketing in order to bring those consumers down funnel and convert. Our advanced technologies allow us to deliver effective digital media programs, optimized on performance, that utilize a mix of programmatic display, mobile, native and video ad networks, publisher networks, and direct buys. The advanced insights generated by our tracking and analytics ensures that we can effectively market to customers at every stage in the decision journey to achieve real ROI.

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Social Media

There is a conversation going on about your business across the social media landscape. And that conversation is buzzing whether you’re a part of it or not. The question isn’t whether you should get social. The question is, do you have a partner who can make sure you’re leading the conversations that matter most to your business? Our social media campaigns employ a strategic mix of marketing and advertising initiatives, exploiting the unprecedentedly granular segmentation provided by social media to deliver intimate messaging that can have the impact of speaking to an audience of one. By utilizing the right mix of paid ads and organic posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we boost your brand’s visibility and amplify your brand’s voice and messaging while ensuring that your social marketing plan that dovetails with your SEO and Paid Search efforts.

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Creative Strategy, Design & Development

Building and supporting brands in pivotal growth stages —from emerging brands in need of a complete strategy, identity and development, to the strong, growing company seeking a narrative omni-channel support, to the big, stately brand in need of a creative edge.


Insights are not enough. ?Path’s advanced Analytics solutions provide actionable?results that achieve outsized ROI.

Data measurement is not a solution in and of itself. ?Our dedicated Analytics team works with clients to understand not just What Happened, but Why It’s Happening. ?We go well beyond guesswork to build dynamic performance models and predictive frameworks of consumer behavior. How far can we go beyond the click?

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Empower staff and organizations with best in class digital marketing training.

From executive education to enterprise training programs our team can distill meaningful knowledge transfers through custom tailored training programs that are catalysts for organizational change and widespread adoption.

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Clients We Work With


Path’s experience within the B2B sector is itself highly diverse, whether it is developing lead generation campaigns for niche business service providers to managing multiple campaigns for vendor websites that feature thousands of product pages. We excel at developing targeted campaigns that deliver the right kinds of conversions from highly specialized audiences.


We cover all the angles of business to consumer digital marketing. We develop individualized lead-generation programs for service-based business, whether they focus primarily on phone calls or form submissions. We also manage sophisticated e-commerce campaigns that differentially target and optimize on thousands of SKUs, for both product-oriented and retail-focused businesses.

Emergent Brands

We specialize in working with up-and-coming brands that are positioned for explosive growth. We build high-impact, high-visibility digital campaigns, drawing on PPC management, SEO, display advertising and social media in tandem, and we have the national and regional expertise to rapidly ramp up our holistic campaigns as revenue grows and/or as markets expand.

Local & Regional

Search engines continue to incorporate more regional and local indicators in both paid and organic search, and we have an unmatched perspective on what matters to local search -- from review sites, to local listings pages, to map extensions and beyond. Originally founded as a local search marketing agency, Path consistently delivers eye-popping results for businesses with a strong regional customer base.