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Advertising on Facebook is Changing the Playbook

Advertising on Facebook offers benefits to digital marketers that outstrip virtually all other social media platforms. On the one hand, Facebook offers a truly massive reach, since it is used by well over a billion active users each month.?? At the same time, the level of intelligence collected by Facebook on those billions of users allows for unprecedentedly granular targeting. Digital marketers ignore Facebook advertising at their peril.

The great strength of social media is that customers opt-in to the interface, and they use that platform to define and express themselves, announcing their likes and gathering into communities around shared interests and affinities. More than any other social media platform currently available, Facebook encourages its users to think of themselves as part of a diversity of groups, and to interact with other users as well as with organizations and businesses.

Incredible Reach, Amazing Segmentation

Facebook users voluntarily share all manner of demographic and personal information. What’s more, Facebook routinely tracks its users’ online behaviors, thereby capturing, analyzing and synthesizing a veritable torrent of user data. Due to Facebook’s unprecedentedly granular and comprehensive user informatics, the ability to sharply segment and aggressively target discrete sub-groups is virtually unlimited.

Path Interactive uses Facebook to help our clients connect with potential customers in the place where they choose to spend their time. By advertising on Facebook, your business can reach out to its target audiences when they are relaxing, and thus most receptive to your message. What’s more, your advertising drives customers to engage with your own Facebook presence, whose organic posts and related activities synergize with your paid efforts.

Rich Messaging for a Highly Receptive Audience

Indeed, the sheer diversity of ways in which you can interact with potential and existing customers Facebook is an advantage. From high-impact digital display ads inserted into users’ routine newsfeeds, to custom videos calculated to delight and motivate your consumers, which begin screening just as the user scrolls down across the post, Facebook offers marketers a powerful toolkit for getting their message across.

At Path, we have come to see the value of Facebook as a kind of laboratory for testing and refining new marketing ideas. Because of its extraordinary reach and astonishing segmentation, Facebook allows us to pilot, A-B test and revise our clients’ messaging before we roll it out across channels. After trying out new ideas on Facebook, and learning exactly who was paying attention, we can then make smarter, more confident decisions about which messages will land with our clients’ most coveted audience segments in paid search and offline media.

If you’d like to learn how Path Interactive’s innovative Facebook advertising campaigns can help your build your brand, why not get in touch?

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